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RawTech – You manage your business while we manage your technology

RawTech is an Australian owned and operated IT company that has been helping small to medium businesses develop and succeed since 2009.

RawTech is a managed service provider with a difference; we take the time to understand your business, your needs, and your business goals and work with you to provide an IT solution that is designed specifically for your business.

Our IT solutions ensure that our clients have all of the benefits of the latest technology, while remaining cost effective. In addition, our approachable client services, superior systems, technology, and procedures guarantee a reliable and established specialised service.

When you are a client of RawTech, you no longer have to worry about your technology, just think of us as your specialised IT department with the ability to advise and guide you and your business into the future.

You manage your business, While we manage your technology!

What We Provide Our Clients With

Rawtech- Provides


We provide continued expert advice aimed at helping our clients achieve their goals. We focus on what is important to you, look at all options, and provide you with tailored advice for your business to ensure you get the most out of your current and future IT solutions.

Rawtech provides clients with


Depending on your business requirements, and short & long term goals we will provide you with access to cost effective systems and programs that will take the ‘worry’ out of how you do business.



We monitor your business’ technology requirements 24/7, so you don’t have to. If you have any issues or questions you can contact us 24/7 via our support portal, and speak directly to us Mon– Fri 8:30-5:30 AEST.

Connecting your business to the Cloud

Our Approach

At RawTech we take an individualised approached to developing IT solutions for our clients. We understand that just as no business is the same as another, neither are their IT requirements, so we take the time to understand your business and your goals and work with you to develop an IT solution that is cost effective and tailored specifically for your needs.


We understand your business

We take the time to find out about your business; how you run it, what’s important to you, and identify how your current technology platforms and systems are integrated into your business



We understand your needs

Once we understand your business, we work with you to understand the needs of the business, both at present, and in the future. We identify your critical processes and systems and identify where we can streamline and optimise your IT solutions so that we can add value to your business, not just be an expense.



We work with you to identify the right technology solutions for you and your business

To ensure that we have understood both how your business operates, the needs of both yourself, and of your business, we work with you, in a consultative approach to ensure that the right technology solution is developed and delivered to your business.



We provide you with a tailor made solution to meet your business’ IT requirements

After this consultation, we deliver a tailor made technology solution that will support your current business, help it grow in the future, and will help you achieve your goals.


We provide you with ongoing advice, service & support, so that as your business grows, and you meet your goals, you don’t have to worry about your technology

Once our IT solution is in place, you no longer have to worry; you manage your business, while we manage your technology! As your business grows, we are there to provide you with the guidance and advice that you will need to help take your business to the next level.

View our Manage My Desktop Plans

Our Manage My Desktop Plans provide worry-free IT solutions that cover:

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • RawTech have become invaluable IT advisors that we have used numerous times to ensure strategic solutions that we put in place will keep our business working. In our business, we cannot afford for our IT solutions to be down for more than 1min, and with RawTech, we have the confidence that if something happens, they will move heaven and earth to get things back up and running as quickly as they can, because they understand just how important it is! Our business was able to operate more efficiently since we engaged RawTech.

    Chef Michael Moore, O Bar and Dining
  • We have been with RawTech now for over 8 years. The best thing about the services RawTech provides, is that we rarely have to think about our computer system any more, unlike in the past. It just happens and we now take our smooth operation for granted.

    RawTech has enabled us to become more efficient and concentrate on our core business of selling & leasing commercial real estate.

    They provide us with excellent service on the odd occasion we need support and advice, from the smallest query through to a complex strategic IT solution, that has enabled us to grow our business even further and into the future, allowing us to keep up with the latest technology.

    Geoff McDonald, Principal, Richardson & Wrench Sydney City Commercial
  • When we set up our business we engaged RawTech to assist us in building technology, communication and data storage solutions. This was a great decision. They are cost effective and they have become a valuable partner. RawTech understands the needs of our business and have assisted us in growing and advancing our business. The team are experts in their field and are a pleasure to work with. I am confident in recommending them.

    Danny Moss, Managing Director, Vertical Financial Solutions
  • “I would recommend RawTech to anyone who is considering outsourcing their IT department. The support with both technical advice & moving forward implementation upgrades, or strategic IT changes, have been so much easier since having RawTech on board. We have had less IT issues, PC issues, viruses and other annoying IT issues since handing over our IT support to RawTech. My staff are happy dealing with RawTech, when they call their office RawTech remote in asap & deal with the issue straight away. I use to be the go to man in our office with any PC issues. Since RawTech have taken over it has taken a huge load of my shoulders is so much easier.”

    -David Frendo, Sales Manager, Richardson & Wrench Rooty Hill
  • As a digital publisher for a number of internationally recognised brands, maintaining a stable internet connection and network is vital for the everyday running of our business. Recently our company went through an 18 month period of rapid growth resulting in the doubling of staff to approximately 70 people. Prior to this period, our IT solutions had been managed as a nuisance side-role by our team of web developers always acting as a distraction to what their core job role was. As a result of this growth, to handle the added network load from new staff, we required a substantial overhaul of the IT infrastructure that we had been using. Rather than kludging together some random bits of new hardware, we decided to outsource our network management to RawTech. The team at RawTech took the time to scope out our existing requirements and proposed an infrastructure upgrade that would allow further growth whilst being within budget. We’ve been using them for our network management ever since and we feel they’ve become almost part of our own internal team.”

    -Rob Hussy, IT Manager, Allure Media: Gizmodo, Business Insider, POPSUGAR, Lifehacker, Kotaku, Shopstyle

Get Started:

Getting started with RawTech is easy, just download the following and contact us, depending on what you are interested in. If your not sure, just click the “Contact Us” button, and let us know that you are interested in, and we will get in contact with you.


Manage My Desktop

Download and install an agent that will allow our support team to remote your desktops.

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Rawtech - Download

Trend Mirco

Specially designed for small businesses, it is an easy-to-use solution that provides complete user security for everyone on staff, whether you’re using a Windows-based PC or a Mac.

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Rawtech - Download-3

Symantec Cloud

Always-on Protection for your Laptops, Desktops and Servers. Reduced scan times by up to 70%, with Insight reputation technology which only scans at-risk files.

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Get Help:

When you are a client of RawTech, we monitor your IT solution 24/7 with our sophisticated systems to ensure that you are able to continue to run your business without issue, but if you are having trouble with something, raise a support ticket below and one of our Australian based support technicians will be in contact with you shortly with a resolution.

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