Our Approach

At RawTech we take an individualised approached to developing IT solutions for our clients. We understand that just as no business is the same as another, neither are their IT requirements, so we take the time to understand your business and your goals and work with you to develop an IT solution that is cost effective and tailored specifically for your needs.


We understand your business

We take the time to find out about your business; how you run it, what’s important to you, and identify how your current technology platforms and systems are integrated into your business



We understand your needs

Once we understand your business, we work with you to understand the needs of the business, both at present, and in the future. We identify your critical processes and systems and identify where we can streamline and optimise your IT solutions so that we can add value to your business, not just be an expense.



We work with you to identify the right technology solutions for you and your business

To ensure that we have understood both how your business operates, the needs of both yourself, and of your business, we work with you, in a consultative approach to ensure that the right technology solution is developed and delivered to your business.



We provide you with a tailor made solution to meet your business’ IT requirements

After this consultation, we deliver a tailor made technology solution that will support your current business, help it grow in the future, and will help you achieve your goals.


We provide you with ongoing advice, service & support, so that as your business grows, and you meet your goals, you don’t have to worry about your technology

Once our IT solution is in place, you no longer have to worry; you manage your business, while we manage your technology! As your business grows, we are there to provide you with the guidance and advice that you will need to help take your business to the next level.


This approach is unique to RawTech and demonstrates that RawTech truly understands what it means to be a small / medium sized business operating in Australia, because, we are one.


We are in a unique position in that we have been operating successfully since 2009, and have helped many businesses develop and grow from small businesses into highly successful businesses.


In addition to providing you with cost effective IT solutions to enable your business to develop and grow, we are also able to provide many other value add services for your business, eg Business Continuity advice, all you need to do is ask.